Various jobs on a fairly hot week

Friday, July 21, 2017

There has been some variety in our tasks this week.  The temperatures have been running in the 90s, and the heat is a topic of conversation everywhere.  The weather folks tell us it will get back into the 80s next week.  It has now been 8 days since our last good rain, and another inch would be welcome.

We took the drone out to fly over some fields. We used the Drone Deploy system to stitch together images of whole fields.

John is showing me the location of the drone as it automatically flies a pattern over the field at 330′ above us

Progress is being made on the installation of the aeration floor in our bin #10A

Here are some of the floor support components. You can see a row of them standing around the perimeter.

And, of course, we are doing some bush hog work to make the roadsides look better.  The state has stopped mowing the full right-of-way along US 50, so to prevent the weeds and brush from taking over, many farmers mow along their fields… between the fence and the road.

Yes, it’s steep, but do-able.

The ‘after’ picture at our Cox farm along US 50

The bush hog work will take several more days.

We had another small flood event along White River this week.  The fields along US 50 received some significant damage, but those farther down stream seemed to fare better.

Here at the Grubb field, the 20.8 foot flood crest got into our soybeans. Not quite as big a flood as the one in early May, but we are less likely to replant now.


We hope your weekend is a happy one.


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