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Friday, May 19, 2017

Replanting of soybeans is still the agenda item of the day.  We are nearly ‘caught up’ to the flooded acres along White River.  It has been a very good week of #replant17.  Even though it is disappointing to see your ‘first planting’ not be successful, we must remind ourselves that it is still relatively early to plant soybeans. White River has receded within its banks, leaving some debris and pockets of standing water.   We will soon go to the river-flooded acres to survey what is possible.

Our main concern with the river is the place where the levee was breached at the Nellie farm, leaving major damage and sand deposits.   It will take some time to evaluate the situation, and determine the way forward for that location.

Ross did some replanting of corn yesterday, but there have been very few acres of corn damaged by the flooding.  He was not able to complete that because of some standing water at Huey, and he will return there to finish when it finally dries.

John is out in the sprayer today to put a post-emerge application of herbicide on corn acres.  He has been prevented from making spray progress by the recent days of high winds, but this morning, the window of opportunity is open.

John makes a pass on the Cox hill field. We hope this corn is “laid by”–which means all treatments are complete until harvest.

A rainy weekend is predicted, so we will monitor that.

Step by step, we keep pushing ahead.



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