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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We finished up our soybean planting on Monday evening, by working at the Lett farm.  I can admit to being a little surprised that the soil there was dry enough to plant soybeans.  But by 7pm, with the completion of that location, we could say that #plant17 was complete!

Yesterday morning I toured most of our soybean fields with an adjuster from crop insurance.  He was there to document the necessity of our replant claim.  They will assist with the cost of replanting…and it’s a good thing…we found more acres to replant than I had anticipated!

After completing Lett last night, I merely crossed the big ditch to the Watjen farm and began the replanting of soybeans at that farm.  I worked a little extra late, and got done there and moved the machine home.  There will be many upcoming days like that where I will be replanting soybeans.  The floods of the river have taken away a big chunk of acres, and the cold, and extremely wet past 2 weeks made a crust that baby beans can’t break through.  From April 21 to 28, I was planting soybeans in near-perfect conditions, but 3 periods of heavy rains (8.8″ altogether) along with the very cold nights, did them in.

Here’s the view from the seat of the JD 9330 tractor. Replanting soybeans is underway.

Looking back, you can even see some dust raised by the air drill. Surprising after that 2.3″ of rain last Wednesday night!

The White River is supposed to be back in its banks today at Edwardsport.  We are unsure just how long it will take for those flooded fields to dry enough for #replant17.  Hopefully, that will be this month.





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