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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It is now exactly one month to the day from when #plant17 began.  The corn planting wrapped up in 10 days.  On April 28, I was 1.5 days away from being done with soybean planting.  Then the big rains came, locally and across Indiana.   Now, we have some significant #replant17 to do!  The fields along White River are still flooded, so those will wait for many days.  Today was our first day back in the fields to plant.   I was able to ‘go’ on the Dunn farm, on those steep hillsides.  Only the Lett farm remains unplanted (the first time).

Chugging along at the Dunn farm. Parts of these fields are pretty steep. We think that’s why it dried out here before other locations.

I returned to do some replant at Roberson, Pond, and Cox.  44.7 acres replant altogether this afternoon.  So, it felt good to be in the tractor again, and the warm sunshine was a bonus.  We are hoping the return of warm temperatures will spur the un-emerged soybeans to come on out of the ground!  Some rain is predicted for tomorrow.

Our Grubb field, along US 50 near White River, still has significant flooding.

White River has started down, and should be out of this field by Saturday evening.  It is predicted to be completely back in its banks by next Tuesday.   It’ll take 5-6 days to dry out enough to reenter to replant…

C’mon sunshine!



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