Sunny Monday

May 8, 2017

The sun is out this morning, even if the day started a bit cool (42F, 6C).

We filled the soybean drill, and then went to look for a patch dry enough to use it.  We toured the Dunn and Lett farms.  Because those locations are quite hilly, we were hopeful we could find a field that was ‘plant-able’.  Not today.  But John did find a couple fields that would support his sprayer– Holscher and Downen– and he is out there now putting down a layer of Warrant (a residual herbicide) tank-mixed with glyphosate (Roundup WeatherMax).   At least he can make a little bit of progress.  My estimation is that it might be possible to run the planter on Wednesday… but the weatherman is predicting more rain that day.

White River has dropped .2′ since Saturday, but the prediction is for it to very slowly recede.  It won’t be back in its banks until the 16th!  After that, in 4-5 days, we can reenter those fields for #replant17.   It won’t go as fast or as pleasant as the first time, for there will be water spots to plant around.  I guess it was just too easy in April!   But, if we can get the replant done this month, it will feel pretty timely.

Yeah, it’s gonna be a while before we get back into these fields!

I saw this quote on a Twitter page yesterday.

It encourages us replant, even if the conditions are less than perfect.

Have a great week!

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