Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It’s been a mix of weather today — sunny at times, some clouds, and periods of light rain.  And it’s chilly.  Started the day at 48F (9C), and we’ve reached the high for the day of 58F (14C).

The Alliance Tractor service guys came again today to replace a hydraulic-hose-holding bracket and a secondary seed hose on the new air drill.  It’s just a part of the support for this new machine, getting initial bugs and quirks worked out.  We’ve been pleased with the attention given to such matters.

Some 2016 corn is being delivered to GPC this week.  Brandon has swept clean bin #4.  So, even if the ground is muddy and it’s cold, there is some progress being made this week.

Went to look today at the fields along US 50 near White River.  The initial flow of flood water through the ‘bayous’ or sloughs has begun, and there is predicted 2.5 to 3 more feet of flood waters coming in a couple days.  Yes, there will be some replanting in these locations, and at the flat fields at the Huey farm.

We got good news when we visited the Burke farm yesterday.  Very little water has accumulated on it, much better than we expected! So perhaps  our culverts and tile and WASCoBs are working well–at least for this time.  Kessinger Ditch flows on the west side of Burke, and  the levees held it in check during this rain event.

The corn fields all look pretty good, we may have to replant some small spots, but not whole fields… and maybe only at the Waldo farm.   We will know more next week, as the wet areas dry out.

No time to despair… it’s still early May, so a pretty good harvest can still happen if the replanting comes by mid-month.   When weather problems occur, it’s easy to see only the damage or loss, and miss the good that’s still out there.   This weekend of heavy rain is probably a good reminder to ‘count your blessings.’

Have a great week, everyone!




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