Big rain

Monday, May 1, 2017

The weekend brought us 3.3″ (84mm) of rain, 1.8 on Saturday and 1.5 yesterday.   It was a significant rain event, but not nearly as bad as it was in other places around Indiana and Illinois.  Yes, we will have some damage to planted crops, and there will be replanting to do.  The good thing is that it is still relatively early.   The White River will have what they call a ‘moderate’ flood event, with the crest occurring near our fields on Friday.  Our floodplain fields (river bottoms, is the local term) are about one day below the reporting station at Edwardsport.  A 19 foot river will not harm our crops, but this 22 footer will wipe out many fields for us.  Yes, they had been planted, too.

Here is this morning’s West Fork White River forecast.

We have been reading the reports of locations not far from here in SWIN that received 9+ inches (230mm) early Saturday.  So the damage is greater in other places.  As we’ve often been told, “you know, it coulda been worse.”

Here is one of the 12 WASCoBs on the Shake farm… It is performing its task well, and should be emptied out of water in < 24 hours.  Can you see the tip of the orange riser through which the water drains away?

On the far end of the Cox farm, we will likely have to replant the approximate 12 acres where the water stands today.

At the VanVleet place, the corn is off to a good start, with a healthy deep green color.

We will begin to assess the replant needed, and start the process to prepare for that.   We’ve already had the conversations this morning with the seed dealer and the crop insurance agent.  We were very close to having #plant17 complete, but now that will be extended with #replant17.

Yes, it is now May and there is replanting on our ‘to do list’, but we are still optimistic about the 2017 crop.

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