Monday, December 19, 2016

The day started at 6ºF, and this afternoon, the temperatures are soaring to 18!   The December corn delivery contracts have been filled, so the trucks are not on the road today.  We are using this cold snap to clean up some vehicles that have recently collected a little salt on the roads.  Brandon’s and John’s pickups have had a turn in the shop, along with Pat’s car.  I’m going to bring in the F-150 this afternoon, too.  It is important for us to get that road salt off ASAP.  The temps are supposed to warm into the 30s by Wednesday.  We don’t mind 10 to 20 degree days like today, because there is no wind blowing!  In fact, during the winter, we would prefer 20 degree, no wind days!

Pat's car is one of the vehicles that get a wash job today. As long as it stays this cold, these cars and pickups will stay clean.

Among other vehicles, Pat’s car gets a wash job today. As long as it stays this cold, these cars and pickups will stay clean. Our shop is not big, but we are grateful for its warm space on days like today.

The F-150 is clean and shiny again...how long with this wash job last?

The F-150 is clean and shiny again…how long will this wash job last?


We hope you’re wrapping up your preparations for Christmas.  All of our sons will be home during the holiday, and we’re looking forward to that!  Pat has about all her baking completed.  One special treat arrived in the mail this week:  our sister Sheila Hobson sent some of her homemade divinity.  Oh, how sweet!  Not only do we enjoy this traditional snow-white confection, but also it brings back wonderful memories of our mom, whose recipe Sheila now uses.  As much as I like that stuff, maybe I should get ahold of that recipe and learn how to make it.

I’ve heard of some churches in the area cancelling their am services next Sunday, using ‘it’s a holiday’ as their reason.  Seems a little strange to me.  I can recall a few Christmases that landed on Sundays in the past, and somehow we managed to get our family to church, and we worked our life around the Kingdom’s interests, not the other way around…

We learned today that our HS basketball team, though unranked, leads the state of Indiana in fewest points allowed defense.  We take our kudos when and where we can get ’em.

The Crossroads Classic took place last Saturday, with Indiana’s 4 major college teams playing in Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indy.  Have any of you ever attended a game in BLF?  It is perhaps the coolest venue anywhere!  It celebrates and exhibits the basketball heritage of the Hoosier state.  Our Boilermakers were able to prevail over the Irish in the first game.  This was our first win in the 6-year history of the Classic.  The other game found Butler outlasting the Hoosiers.   Good basketball…  (unless you’re a fan of ND or IU).

Many across the nation are experiencing record-breaking cold.  Be safe out there.  Also, please remember the livestock that is outdoors, and the farmers/ranchers who care for them.

Find a reason to be thankful this Christmas season, and express it.





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