Rainy Friday

September 9, 2016

Yes, it’s raining today, and the forecast looks like it’ll continue through tomorrow.  It is certainly a ‘gray old day’.  There have been a few farmers begin to harvest some corn around the area, but those operations are stopped today.  We expect to start with some soybeans next week, weather permitting.  We have some last-half September corn sold, so we will be harvesting some corn this month, too.  But not today or this weekend.

Looking west today, we see a foggy, gray, wet day.

Looking west today, we see a foggy, gray, wet day.

The Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay begins today in the state’s first capital city, Corydon.   The torch will arrive here in Knox County on Sunday.  It will travel 3200 miles across Indiana, through all 92 counties.  It will arrive in Indianapolis on October 15.   Our BIL John Hobson will be carrying the torch on September 17, as it passes through Rising Sun in Ohio County.  We have a personal connection to this event!

There is a team of young people who will accompany the torch to document each day.  They will capture some really terrific scenery and interesting stories from across our beautiful Indiana–fall is perhaps the most picturesque time here.  This is one of the really interesting ways we are celebrating Indiana’s 200th birthday.    The actual date Indiana was admitted to the Union was December 11, 1816.


Have a great weekend!

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