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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Well, the weather man said we’d get some rain last night… and we didn’t!  That’s a good thing, at least for a few weeks… it is allowing some fields to get drier, and closer to being appropriate to be planted.  Still have over 1/3 of the soybean crop to plant.  I checked on many fields this morning, and discovered that I can plant most of the Cox farm, and do some minor replanting (<10 acres each) at 5 other locations.  So, that will be my agenda for the afternoon and evening.

The temperatures have been in the 80s all week, and that’s helpful.

John is spraying a burndown on the remainder of the soybean acres that have yet to be touched with that operation.  Two or three days will allow him to get those acres covered.  He has used every opportunity possible to do his weed control task, but has been hindered by the wet/cold/windy weather.

We will keep nibbling at the soybean planting task as the field conditions permit.  We are tempering our expectations, and resigned to the fact that some of our crop will be planted in June.

On a happy note, the corn crop looks pretty good, and John has 75% of it ‘laid by”.  (“Laid by” to us means that the final field operation of the growing season has been completed.)

Corn at Roberson farm. Pretty nice.

Corn at Roberson farm. Pretty nice, at least so far!

Yes, some of our soybean fields look not-so-great, because of very wet and cold days post planting.  There are some dead spots that will need replanting.  But there is one other ‘good thing’.  Here are the main farm, where I have to drive in and out every day, the soybeans look pretty good!  So, that helps my spirits to see that every day.

The view as you drive out our lane. Pretty crop of soybeans...so far.

The view as you drive out our lane. Pretty crop of soybeans…




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