Rainy Wednesday

May 4, 2016

Yes, it’s raining again this morning.  More delay to our planting progress.  It’s not time to panic yet.  We can still have satisfactory results if favorable weather returns soon.

Yesterday afternoon, John took the opportunity to use the high-pressure washer to clean the inside of the tank on the JD 4730 sprayer.  Now, it’s “clean as a whistle”.

John washes down the interior of the main tank on the 4730

John washes down the interior of the main tank on the 4730

I checked yesterday on the soybean fields that have been planted.  Most are now emerged and look pretty nice.  The ones planted on the 25th and 26th are nearly emerged, and hopefully will be okay.  The cool days since then have slowed the soybeans’ progress.  Higher temps are predicted next week, and those little beans will appreciate that!

Let’s pray for some dry weeks, and that the rains will return in June, July, and August!  Historically, those of us in the I-states can count on reasonably favorable weather.  But it’s not guaranteed.  Drought 2012 was a case in point.




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