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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Working in the office today, because yesterday evening’s storm and rain has halted field work.  We are just one field away from having all the corn nitrogen applied.

There is a new video posted on our YouTube site.  Just search for casifarm at YouTube, or click on the YouTube button to the right.  Or you can click here.  This video is short, but shows some nitrogen going down on the Dunn farm.  We apply the N into an un-tilled field, then apply the burndown herbicide, and after that, the corn planter can run!  The remainder of the P&K fertility, as well as micronutrients, were applied after last fall’s harvest.

It has been much too windy to run the sprayer, but hopefully, we can get back to that very soon.

This cool stretch of weather is delaying our enthusiasm for getting the planters started, but once the daytime temperatures become more spring-like, and the soil warms to 50+ degrees, we will feel confident to get those corn and soybean planter rolling.



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