Summer’s last blast

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Looks like today’s sunshine may be the final blast of summer heat.  It has been quite hot (mid- to upper- 90s) here for a couple weeks, since our return from our trip to Kansas.  I should not sound like I’m complaining… it has never reached 100ºF this summer, and we typically have a day or two over that high number!

There is a downward trend in daytime temps predicted by Weather Channel for our part of SWIN

There is a downward trend in daytime temps predicted by Weather Channel for our part of SWIN

A little rain, which may come tomorrow or Thursday, would be welcome to ‘finish off’ the later-planted soybeans.  That could help pack in some more test weight into those beans.  And, if we begin with soybean harvest, it will allow the ‘solar dryer’ to pull out some moisture from the corn.  Since we have fewer acres of corn this year, it would be nice to have its moisture content in the low 20s or better as we begin to gather in the corn.

Got the word from Ross yesterday that he expects that we will begin harvest on Monday the 14th.  So, we have about a week left to get some tasks caught up at home before the big push.  I am hoping we’ll have soybeans ready for the combines on that day!  But Ross is expecting a start in some corn…either way, it’ll be good to get going…

The bush hog has been running for the past few days, cleaning up once again the roadsides and field entrances.  Hope this holds through harvest.  We also like to run the bush hog one pass around the edge of the fields after harvest to clean up the appearance along ditches and fences and roadsides.

Everything is prepared; just hook up the grain cart to the JD 9360R, and go to the field!  Of course, on that first harvest day, we usually discover some detail we overlooked or did not anticipate.  But we’re ready.

#harvest15 on the horizon!


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