Mowing day

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It’s mowing day, and we’re hurrying a bit to get ahead of a predicted rain in early afternoon.  Brandon is hustling with the Exmark around the farm lots, and I’m working on my yard with the JD X340.  We certainly haven’t reached that typical summer period when the grass is brown and crunchy.

Gotta get that mowing done quick...rain's a-coming!

Gotta get that mowing done quickly…rain’s a-coming!

John and I took a drive yesterday morning to view many of the soybean fields.  He was making his weekly check to see if spraying needed done.  We found one location to spray, but that should happen next week– and the entire field will not need sprayed, just the border and a couple spots in the middle.  We are getting to the time of year when you want to be ‘done’ with applying herbicides–the benefit (as always) has to be weighed against the cost.   John has done a good job again this summer, the soybeans look very nice this year.  Not weed-free, but you have to search and search to find a weed in our soybeans.

We found extensive areas of dead soybeans from the pervasive July flooding of White River.  But, it was less than we expected, and we will harvest some soybeans in every field.  So, as in most things, it could have been worse.  Of course, many things can happen yet before harvest time.  In the words of our dad, “Don’t start writing checks on it just yet.”  Even so, we are hopeful.  Ross has been able to sell some more 2015-crop corn on the recent weather-spurred rally in market price.

Haley has some more ditches to spray with the suntan machine.  Perhaps the weather will be more comfortable next week for her to do those 3-days-worth of work.   Then, the most glamorous job we have at Carnahan & Sons will have to occur:  clean the pit at the old grain elevator!   There’s one benefit of getting older, passing that task down to the younger folks!

It’s going to be a very hot day in southern Indiana today, temperature about 94F (34C), with a humidity level about a gazillion %!!  You can see the ‘haze’ in the air.  Summer in southern Indiana… gotta love it!



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