Add a day to the flood

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Checking the hydrological forecasts this morning, you can see White River at Edwardsport had a little bump up for about a day.  It had been on the decline from its crest, but because of the Sunday night heavy rain just north of us, it will bump back up.  This will delay the date when it goes back into its banks by about a day.  And when you read the Edwardsport river level, it takes about one day for that level to flow downriver to our fields near US Hwy 50.

Here is this morning's White River at Edwardsport report

Here is this morning’s White River at Edwardsport report

This report shows the river going back into its banks at Edwardsport early on Friday.  That means it will do so at our farm location early on Saturday.  How long will it take for the fields to dry after that?   A few days….

We have already made arrangements for the necessary seed; now it’s a waiting game.  Maybe I’ll just go run the bush hog until the fields are sufficiently dry!

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