More rain from Bill

Friday, June 19, 2015

Bill has arrived.  Hurricane Bill, that is.  It’s raining this morning.  Again.  We’ve received 2.5″ over the last 3 days, and the forecasters say we may get that much more today.  Damage to our growing corn and soybeans has been minimal so far, with the biggest effect in the bottoms of WASCoBs.  We will see what happens today, and hope for a slight rain from Bill’s remnants.  Yes, it’s not ideal, but it is so much less damage than farmers have seen in TX, OK, MO, and other places.   After a storm, we go out to assess damage, and it’s not easy to look past what is “gone”.   We often forget to take into account what remains.  We need to remember to ‘count our blessings’ every day.

I got an email update this morning from our account with  It reported some hail had occurred on 7 fields, mostly south and east of Wheatland.  The report said the hail was .75″ (19mm) in diameter.  After checking each of those 7 fields this afternoon, I cannot find evidence of hail damage!

The hydrological forecast for White River at Edwardsport has been revised upward to 17.5 feet arriving on Tuesday, and staying at that level through Thursday evening!  That will bring some more damage to our crops in the flood plain.  We will have to wait to see the accurate impact.

I knew there was a reason we haven’t unhooked the soybean air drill just yet.  If there is severe damage, and we can replant by the 10th of July, we’ll go back and plant again.   Planting is fun, replanting is kinda like work.

Have a good weekend.

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