Sunny but cool

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The sunshine is brilliant today, and the air is a bit cool– 68ºF (20C).  It’s pretty windy, too.  Hopefully, the wind and sun will dry the fields so that we can return to planting soybeans.  The corn and beans would prefer 85º!  I’ll look for a dry field in the morning.

We had another .3 (8mm) rain yesterday, and that will delay getting back to planting.  We are so grateful for the rain.  It helped the corn and soybeans that have already been planted, and put moisture into the soil that will be helpful when we get the planter rolling again.

Took the opportunity to wash the pickup this morning.  Sure looks better when it’s clean.

Got two meetings this afternoon: one with a rep from a power line–there’s some tower repair going to happen this summer down at the Freddie farm.  And second, with our banker to go over some of our financial numbers.

When I was planting on Mothers’ Day afternoon, I saw dark rain clouds go around where I was working, but there was dust kicked up by the soybean planter.  By evening, we got a good, soaking rain.  That rain came as we were having supper with John and his family.  A good Mothers’ Day all around… great morning church service, some planting progress, a great meal together, and some time with our granddaughters!

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