More rain…

Monday, May 11, 2015

Over the weekend, we received .9 to 1.2″ of rain, depending on the particular farm location.  What a happy thing!  It had gone from too-wet to too-dry during last week.  We had become concerned about the planted corn and soybeans being able to get sprouted in some spots… especially where we had run the field cultivator to smooth small erosion ruts.  Yes, we probably rushed it a bit and some of those spots were a bit too wet at the time for the field cultivator.  This should help get all the planted acres up and going.

Yesterday afternoon, I spent 3 hours at the Waldo farm to plant soybeans on the hillside along Marchino Road.  I had delayed working there because of the cloddy conditions where some terrace repair work had been performed a couple weeks ago.  However, Friday evening’s small rain made the conditions better, and last night’s rain was very helpful.   Waldo farm is now one of those locations where the planting is finished.

Soybean planting is now about 60% complete. Many of the early planted fields now have soybeans emerging!

Brandon is working inside bin #1, following the sweep auger and getting it cleaned out.  One more bin to go!  Corn inventory of 2014 crop is running low.  It’s rare that we have corn still in the bin in May.  But, if you remember, we were packed full after last fall’s harvest.

You can check out YouTube site for a new video of soybean planting, another one of corn planting.  John used the DJI Phantom II for taking the footage of the work.

It  could be a couple days before it’s dry enough to return to #plant15.

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