Transition day

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Now that the nitrogen has been applied to the corn acres, we are using this day to transition to planting.  The applicator bars for the nitrogen will be cleaned and stored.  Then the planters will be hooked up and filled with seed.  Ross plans to plant the mailbox field to corn today, with two types of seed in his corn planter.  It will be a test plot for us.  John will begin applying the corn pre-plant herbicide with the JD 4730 sprayer.

Also, the  soybean planter will be loaded and calibrated.  I plan to begin with it tomorrow, I’m just uncertain exactly where that will be…

Recent nights have been in the 30s and 40s, and that is slowing the warm-up of the soil.  But the forecast for the weekend has temps in the 70s and maybe 80s.

The C-IH 1250 24-row planter and the JD 1910-1890 soybean drill will roll soon!

I hope I can get some good video and pictures from up in the air with the drone.


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