What happened to the calendar?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Here we are at the end of yet another month.  Didn’t 2015 just arrive?  There have been a couple things that add to the amazement of how quickly the days pass:

1. It has been over 6 weeks since my shoulder replacement.   I had an appointment with the surgeon yesterday, and his evaluation was very encouraging.  He wants to see me in another 6 weeks, and he said my formal PT at the local hospital should end at the end of March.  Sounds (and feels) like progress.  PT at home may continue for months more.

2.  Tonight is the final regular-season game for our high school basketball team.  We waited so very long for the season to start, and now it’s at the end– state tourney begins next week.  Our South Knox Spartans stand 14-8, and will play a Blue Chip Conference game tonight vs. Oakland City Wood Memorial.  Incidentally, Wood has an identical 14-8 record.  Good luck, Spartans!

If we think ahead about planting time 2015, it’s doesn’t feel that far away.  I look out on snow today, and it’s cold out there, but next week has some predictions of rainy days with temperatures in the 50s!  John mentioned today that he wants to bring home the NH3 application toolbar (from its storage spot at the Huey farm) very soon — well, as soon as the roads will allow the trip without getting the implement messy.  He has some hoses to replace to prepare it to go to the field.   The sprayer sits quietly in storage now, but it may be the first machine to begin spring work.  The March corn sales contracts will begin to be delivered next week.  The soybean seed sizes (in seeds/lb) were emailed to me yesterday.  Therefore, planting prescriptions can begin to be written next week.

The pace is going to begin to pick up.

22 days to Spring!

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