Sunny day

Monday, January 19, 2015

Yes, the sunshine is brilliant today, and the sky a clear and vibrant blue.  There’s not much wind, so that makes the warmer temperature seem even better.  It’s pleasant for a January day in Indiana.  Mid 40 temperature in late morning, headed to low 50s F for a high.

Sending corn to market at GPC today.  Three loads going today.

The Vision is loaded and ready to go.

The Vision is loaded and ready to go.

John is replacing the flag at the top of the elevator today.  It has been damaged by recent windstorms.  He’s taking advantage of this nicer day to install a good-quality flag up there.

90+ feet in the air, John is replacing the flag on top of the newer elevator.  It's illuminated at night.

90+ feet in the air, John is replacing the flag on top of the newer elevator.  It’s illuminated at night.

I walked to the office today from home.  It feels good to get outside and feel the sunshine and breeze on my face.  The recuperation from this shoulder replacement is a marathon and not a sprint; the reality of that is sinking in.  I return to therapy tomorrow, and I’m doing my ‘homework’ as assigned.  Those exercises seem rather trivial right now, I’m sure it will get tougher over time.  It was good to be in church yesterday morning, but also felt good to be home the rest of the day.  Pacing, right?  There is a reason we planned for this surgery to be done in January… the plan is to be recuperated by planting time, which is only 10-12 weeks away.  Doesn’t sound very far off, when you measure it in weeks…



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2 Responses to Sunny day

  1. Renee Klein says:

    Good morning,
    impressed that you are doing so well and keeping up with the blog..hope the therapist has giving you a strict list of do’s and don’ts!! Of course, you have such a great caretaker at home that I am sure she is keeping an eye on you!!
    Always, my love and wishes are with you at this time. So far, so good…and end result no pain.

  2. casifarm says:

    Thanks for your kind words about the blog and my recovery. Yes, I have a great caregiver–the best!. The rehab seems slow. I’ll get staples out next Wednesday. I’m not doing any driving yet. I’m doing all the exercises I’ve been assigned… my motivation is to be ready for the new granddaughter next month, and to get at the wheel of that John Deere at planting time!

    Cooler today in Indiana, looks like a gray winter day out there. I trust all is well with you and yours. Thanks for reading, it helps us feel more ‘connected’. Spring is coming, just 57 days away!


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