Change in the air…

October 31, 2014

When we started this week, the temperature Monday was a very warm 84ºF, (29C).  As I listened to the forecast on the radio this morning, tonight’s low will be in the high 20sF, with possible snow flurries!  What a difference a week makes here in southern Indiana!

We will be meeting with our seed reps next week to make our selections of varieties and  hybrids for 2015.  We have a preliminary plan in mind, but their recommendations may modify the mix a little.

Conservation construction continues.  See a YouTube clip for the building of a WASCoB last Monday over on the Roberson farm.  Mr. Worland has a couple more WASCoB terraces to complete there.  The tile installation at Burke is complete and looks good.  We will also ask Mr. Worland to clear the brush from the ditch banks at the new Dunlap farm location.

Another month has flown by.  It’s a good feeling to have the harvest behind us.  It certainly was a good-yielding one.  We’re pleased and thankful.

Basketball seasons starts here tonight and tomorrow. Our local Vincennes University team kicks off their season, entering with a #1 ranking in the NJCAA!  High schools will begin later this month.  Purdue has its first exhibition game on Sunday the 2nd.  It’s the favorite time of year in Indiana!!!

Good weekend to all…


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