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Monday, June 9, 2014

There are a couple things to check off the ‘to-do’ list today.

1.  Shepards got the Lett farm project finished at noon today!

2.  The corn planting finished this afternoon!

Now that the conservation construction task was complete, the corn planting could be done.  It has been a tedious wait… of course we would have preferred to finish corn weeks ago.  But in order to get this conservation work done this year, we just had to wait some extra days to allow the completion.

Nicolas experienced corn planting today wit Ross

Nicolas experienced corn planting today with Ross

I must say it looks good at Lett, and will be even better when the corn is growing over the new WASCoBs and hills.

The last corn rows of 2014 get laid down into place at the Lett Farm.  Planting complete...finally!

The last corn rows of 2014 get laid down into place at the Lett Farm. Planting complete…finally!

The weather forecast makes me happy that the planting could be done today.  Looks like several days of rain coming…

It’s really no consolation, but I saw two neighbors out with their corn planters today doing some replant where too much rain water had killed off some of their corn.

Ross and Brandon along with Nicolas met with Troy Clawson today to inspect some ‘green snap’ damage to the corn at the Pond farm.  Green snap is a condition that can occur when you have corn in the rapidly growing stage of development, and it encounters a very stiff wind.  In this situation, the corn plant can ‘snap’ off at ground level.  It is rare, but can occur in small, localized areas within a field that has received one of those micro-bursts of wind.  Not every plant is broken, but Troy determined that in the spot where this occurred, it was up to 15% of the plants.  He says we can still expect (at this time) a 90-95% of normal yield.  It has affected 40-50 acres.  John discovered this problem late last week as he was applying a foliar feeding as a test in this particular field.

The corn planter will soon get a thorough cleaning.

After an inspection yesterday afternoon, we believe wheat harvest to be 10 days or more away.



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