Monday, May 5, 2014

After a beautiful weekend, we are hoping to find a place we can go plant today.  Those cold days last week did not allow much drying of the soils from that big 2.8″ rain a week ago.  I took a ride on the Gator over this home farm yesterday afternoon, looking to see if planting was possible.  “No” was the answer.  Today, we’ll check around Wheatland or down at Huey or Downen.

The forecast is hot and dry until Friday.  Surely we will make some progress on planting this week!

I am concerned about the soybeans already planted.   Those cold days last week slowed the sprouting.  None have emerged yet, and that big rain may have created a too-hard crust.  We will know more by the weekend, after some days of warmth.  I am no stranger to re-planting, but I have to admit it’s not as fun as planting the first time.

It’s cloudy out there, but warm this morning.

Have a good week.

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