Sunny Saturday.

April 19, 2014

It’s a sunny Saturday, and it has been a productive couple of days.  The wind finally died down enough yesterday and today (and the fields were just dry enough) so that the sprayer could be run.  Now, we have ‘caught up’ the soybean burndown application to the construction and flood plain acres.  The White River has gone back into its banks, and those fields are drying nicely… just not enough to spray for soybeans or apply NH3 for corn.  The NH3 job has also caught up to the construction and flood plain acres.  We wait for Shepards to complete the Burke farm project, and then move to the Lett and Watjen farm locations for some conservation work.

Mr. Worland is on his 3rd of 9 small repair projects with his bulldozer.  He is fixing field entrances, and repairing WASCoBs.  He should complete his work next week.

All it all, it’s a good Saturday before Easter, and come Monday, we can turn our attention to applying Harmony herbicide to wheat.  Then, John will likely start spraying corn acres just ahead of the corn planter.  Ross says he will be planting corn next week, and I can foresee a scenario where I will be planting soybeans late next week.    That’s fun!

Have a great Resurrection Day!


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