Good wheat news

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A really strong wind is blowing out there today, and rain storms are on the way.  The last patches of snow and ice will soon disappear on this windy, 60º day.  The farm lot and lane are showing signs of the spring thaw… really squishy.  You really do not want to walk across the yard today.

Got a call yesterday afternoon from  our crop consultant, Greg Anthis of CPS Wheatland.  He gave a really reassuring report on his evaluation of the condition of the wheat crop.  After his inspection, he estimates that the wheat is in good shape.  There has been no ‘heaving’, and the plant health near the soil surface is good.  Yes, if you merely drove by and gave the fields a ‘windshield inspection’, you would think that the severe cold of January and February had damaged the wheat; right now, it’s more brown than green.  But Greg’s inspection brings good news and makes us hopeful for the summer’s harvest.  Because we have already applied the topdress nitrogen, (see our application on our YouTube page) the wheat will respond immediately when it breaks dormancy and begins spring growth.  Of course, it is a long way from mid-June, and other weather factors (like a late freeze in April) can still damage or kill the wheat.  But so far…so good.

The weather prediction is for some more freezing days/nights next week.  Winter is going to hang on a while longer.  If this were April, I’d be concerned, but it’s still February, so we will just make the best of it.

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