Corn to market

Friday, January 24, 2014

We are delivering corn to GPC again today.  We are being very deliberate in getting the corn out of our storage and sent to market.  The January pace of deliveries is not as packed as it was in December, but we making great strides.

John heads out with the Pete on his way to GPC at Washington.  Even though the temperature is coming up today, the wind is too... and it feels colder than the early morning.

John heads out with the Pete on his way to GPC at Washington.

The bins are running low, only 3 have corn remaining to come out, plus the overhead load-outs.  The sweep auger will be needed again before long!

1ºF (-17C) this morning– but the wind is calm, making for a better morning than Wednesday and Thursday when the wind would blow the cold right through you!  They are telling us 40s by Sunday… and then below zero on Monday night… go figure…life in southern Indiana…

Got another basketball game tonight at home at South Knox.  The  boys’ team has an 8-2 record, and is HM in Indiana 2A rankings.  It’s been fun to go to the games this year.  A special ceremony is taking place tonight between the JV and Varsity games, where they are recognizing the boys Cross Country team.  They will hang a banner to celebrate the team’s appearance in the XC state finals…. the first team in the school’s 47-year history to make state.   Two individual runners were declared all-state, and one was HM.   It’ll be a happy event for SK.

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