New wheels

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ross swapped his F-150 for an F-350 this week.  He needed a little heavier-duty rig to handle the horse trailers.  And, it’ll take the fuel wagon to the field with a little more ease.

It's black and gold...especially appropriate for a Purdue fan.

It’s black and gold…especially appropriate for a Purdue fan.

Now, I’m the only one left around here with a gasoline-powered F-150.  All the other pickups are diesel-powered Super-Dutys.  That’s okay… I’m a happy camper with the white Platinum.

The snow is hanging around today. It’s not very deep, maybe an inch, but with the cold temperature of 9ºF this morning, it’s certainly not going to melt today.

The Peterbilt is loaded for its first trip to GPC tomorrow.

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