Super-Arctic blast

Monday, January 6, 2014

Well, the morning is dawning, and the radio reports the temperature at -4F!  Add in the “wind chill” factor, and that takes the effective temperature down to -31F!  We did not receive as much snow as originally predicted;  we got 4-5 inches rather than 8-10.  I am curious about how much drifting I will find out there in the lane.  I am reluctant to get out there in this kind of cold.   Later, when it’s fully light, I may venture out and see if I need to take the blower to cut through some drifts.  I think I am content to just look out at it today.  We have not lost our electric power, so we are comfortable at home.

Schools across the area are closed, most in Indiana are closed.  Just to our north, the snowfall was greater, and around Terre Haute and Indianapolis, the conditions are such that emergency vehicles only are permitted out today.

A warm-up they say is coming for the weekend.  But today the strong winds are making the cold more treacherous.

Be careful out there!

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