Welcome, 2014

January 1, 2014

2014?  Already?  Remember the anxiety of the Y2K a few years back?  Well, that’s a long time ago now, isn’t it?  And the trepidation of the arrival of the year 2000 was overblown.  Most of the things about which people worry are things that never occur.  Matthew 6:34 would be a good thing to remember…

Here in southwest Indiana, it’s  a beautiful blue-sky day to begin ’14.

A new day and and a new year dawns at Carnahan & Sons

A new day and a new year dawns at Carnahan & Sons

We heard from Ben last evening, he was working past dark, as his team was flying in to Evansville, Indiana to refuel before returning to the current base of their aerial imaging work at Memphis.  Philip was off work yesterday, and we text-messaged about the basketball games that we were simultaneously watching.  I got to have lunch with John yesterday while Pat was at work at Something Special.  We heard good news about our South Knox HS boys basketball team; they received some votes in the state rankings of Indiana 2A–now they’re ‘honorable mention’.

There’s no work occurring at Carnahan & Sons today… it will be a day of relaxing, taking in the parades and football on TV.    It will be a casual and comfortable day here, but things will spring back into action on Thursday.

Happy New Year to all!

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