Warming trend?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Outside, the snow and ice are ‘crunchy’ when you walk or drive on it.  We had a little thawing late last week that made the roads slushy, then they froze again.  But the weather folks are predicting warmer temperatures through the week… in the 50s by Thursday!  That should help clear the snow-pack and  ice from the farm lot.

We kinda like the snow when it arrives; it makes everything look pretty, but when it leaves…that’s another story.  The lane and the farm lot get quite soft and it’s easy to find mud.  In some ways, it would be nice for it to go down to 20 degrees and just stay there all winter.  But in this part of Indiana, we have some ups and downs to winter temps.  I’ve heard folks complain about the cold and snow these past 10-12 days, but you won’t hear that complaint from us!  We’ll whine a little when it melts!

A couple loads of corn will be going out about midday.

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