Gray old day

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What began as a pretty foggy morning, with 2-hour school delays across Knox County, by late morning had turned into a rainy day.  Even so, the corn appointments for delivery must be kept.

John pulls up his hood to get to the loaded truck.  He's headed to GPC at Washington

John pulls up his hood to get to the loaded truck. He’s headed to GPC at Washington

The weather forecast has caused John to modify the delivery appointments.  He is adding some for today and tomorrow, and cancelling the Friday deliveries.  That may allow us to make sure the roads are clear of snow before returning to the Monday appointments.

We like the ‘delivery by appointment’ at GPC very much.  It allows us to plan our day much more efficiently.  The multi-hour waits in line have been eliminated.  A quick in-and-out makes the process more pleasant.

The sun came out in mid-afternoon, and the temperature rose to 65ºF.  The gray old day was chased away by the sun.  But the forecast is for snow on Friday, and single-digit temps on Friday night.  What a change!

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