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Thursday, October 17, 2013

We received .2″ of rain this morning… unexpectedly.  Even though this prevented us from going directly to the corn field, it allowed us to deliver some corn and soybeans to market… and to clear out our #4 bin.  Ben and Larry are inside #4 right now sweeping the soybeans out so that it can receive corn later today.  We really needed this morning to get this not-so-pleasant task out of the way.  We need the room for corn.

The rainy morning also allowed us to cooperate with a bit more flexibility with the media crew that is here from Nebraska.  They captured some of the activity with the trucks this morning, and they even used our forklift to get some pictures from a higher angle.  They have been very polite in their requests of us, so it is not a big imposition on our routine.  But it does feel a little funny to have folks taking rapid-fire pictures of our conversations and of the trucks being loaded.  It’s a little different from a typical day.

And, actually, we’ve never heard Geoff ask us to “say cheese”…yet.

L to R:  Ashley, Cameron, and Jeff are here from Nebraska.

L to R: Ashley, Cameron, and Geoff are here from Nebraska.

These three are working for Swanson-Russell, a communications company in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.  Their client is the Propane Education & Research Council.  PERC is using this media to develop educational and promotional materials about propane.  PERC found us as a result of a grant they offered for our new dryer installation last summer.  The grant certainly helped the cause here, so we are happy to help them today.

The rain stopped by about 9 am, so we hope to return to the field after lunch today to resume harvesting corn.  Some of the corn we are bringing in is too wet to go directly into storage, so this afternoon, the media crew will get to see the dryer in action…and we’ll put to good use some of that propane!

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