Good day

Wednesday evening, October 16, 2013

We had a good day in the cornfield today.  The sun finally came out about 2pm, as we were moving from the Steen farm near Wheatland to the Huey farm a few miles east.  The corn at Huey is quite variable in yield, showing signs of excess water damage from the too-wet spring and summer.  There are streaks across the big flat field on the left that are very, very good ( 230+) and then there are also streaks where the corn is short and yield is low.  The average is just above 170.

We also had onsite today a video/photography crew from Nebraska.  They are here today and tomorrow to prepare a promotional film and material for the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).  It was interesting to see these professionals capture images that will tell the story of harvest on our farm.  Tomorrow they will capture our grain dryer in action, and see how we use propane to fuel the system.  Our propane dealer, Dan Stangle with Frank Stangle & Son of Vincennes, will stage a delivery of a tanker-load of LP gas.  The 3-person crew has been cooperative, helpful, and pleasant.  They plan to return to Omaha and Lincoln on Friday.  They had some neat toys to use in their photography work today.

Pat has chili soup prepared, and I am eager to get home for supper.  Yummy!

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