Wheat finished

Friday, July 5, 2013

Yes, the wheat is finished, the last of the Roberson farm was cut Wednesday evening.  It was surprising that we did not make deep ruts in the field with our combines, even when we drove through a couple inches of water down in the flat part of the field.  We did limit the travel of the grain cart to the west end of the field, where the land lies a bit higher.  The trucks had to be parked on the Dunn farm, at one of the gas well locations.  The grain cart had to travel about 3/4 mile up there to unload.  It was cumbersome, and slower– the combines had to wait sometimes for the wagon to return.  BUT!  The main thing is that the wheat is finished.  John completed the drying of the wheat yesterday, and it is now in storage waiting for delivery.  The artificial drying not only lowers the moisture content, it improves the test weight.

The DCB cannot be planted–yet.  I went to every field yesterday morning looking for a place dry enough to plant, but found every farm pretty soggy.  The soil surface needs to be dry for the planter to do a good job.  Surely we will have some days before it gets too late!   I’m thinking July 20 would be a cut-off date, but we will see what the weather brings us.

There are many things to clean and service now that harvest is finished.  John has made a list on the board in the shop, and it will take days for the crew to give everything the attention it needs!

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