One down, one to go

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ross finished the planting of corn today.  We are seeing some corn emerging and it all looks pretty good.  We need 2 big days to finish the planting of soybeans, but some rain is predicted this week.  We are beginning to see the first-planted soybeans emerging.  It’s always a relief to see the planted crops come up out of the ground.

The goal tomorrow is to plant all of the Freddie farm….321 acres, but will likely be less because there will be some areas of water remaining from the White River flooding last month.  Historically, there remains about 20 acres for which we will have to return at a later date (10 days or so) to plant…after the water/mud dries.

We are breathing a little easier, but it has been a hectic week.  The end of planting is in sight.

The wheat crop has been sprayed by John with a fungicide and an insecticide on Monday.  It’s only about 30-35 days until harvest!  And… about that time, the days will begin getting shorter… the calendar has gone by fast!


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