More prescriptions needed

Friday, March 29, 2013

Today, 80 units (enough to plant about 62 acres) of Pioneer seed beans were delivered.  A unit of soybean seed can be measured in two ways, depending on the supplier.  Some call a unit 140,000 seeds, others call a unit 50 pounds of seed.  Those Pioneer beans delivered today have a seed count of 2645/lb and will require a new planting prescription be written for each field.  And, in addition, an email yesterday from our Asgrow seed dealer reported that for the AG 3833 variety of soybeans, he has 240 units that came from a different ‘lot’.  Although the genetics are identical, the seeds in this lot were smaller, and thus had more seeds per pound.  This will also require the writing of another prescription for every field.  Looks like Brandon will have some more computer work to get done over the next few days.

The sun is out this afternoon, and it’s 58ºF.  Pretty pleasant.

Today is, of course, Good Friday.  We remember especially the sacrifice of Jesus that makes our hope of heaven possible.  May you have a blessed day today and a special Easter Sunday!

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