Twelve degrees

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It’s 12 degrees outside, but the wind is calm and the sun us coming up.   Snow still covers the ground, and the roads are in pretty good shape.  It’s a nice winter day in southern Indiana.

Today, after a lazy New Year’s day of parades, and football, and Pat’s terrific meals, I am working on the cash flow again, refining it and making plans to make certain the January farm payments are ready to go.  I keep a calendar desk pad here on which I write stuff I gotta do.  I’ll fill that out for this month this morning.  I doubt if we deliver the rest of the corn until the farm lot is more clear of packed snow.  But there will be farm land and loan payments due on the 15th, as well as some pre-pay on herbicides and (probably–depends on the current price) nitrogen fertilizers.  The bill is due on the 15th for the P & K that was spread in October.   January is an expensive month.

I will also be giving some attention to preparation for an elders’ meeting this evening.  Pat is off to get her hair done.  Ben will be traveling home from the ‘Heart of Dallas Bowl’ game today– about 13 hours on the road.  We saw him on the TV yesterday as we were watching the Boilermakers get pounded by Oklahoma State.   I heard from Philip last night, that he had a great day, and I expect to see John later this morning.  We need to discuss the herbicide program he’s proposing for this summer.

It’s a beautiful winter day in this new year.  May we be open to all that is in store for us in 2013.

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