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Saturday, December 29, 2012

During the night, we received another 6″ (15cm) of snow.  It was not a windy night, so the big flakes just floated down.  Pat sat in a lawn chair in the garage for many minutes, simply gazing at the beautiful sight.  I thought that maybe we’d get 2″, but when I awoke, there was a new 6″ of the white stuff covering everything.  I got up early, to begin clearing the lane and our driveway…. and I felt compelled to take some pictures.

At 715 am, the snow made a  beautiful blanket on our home

At 715 am, the snow made a beautiful blanket on our home

It was very noticeable that the air was hushed and quiet… the blanket of snow removed all sounds… no traffic, no birds chirping, no wind…. just solemn stillness.  It was a special moment.  I paused several minutes just to drink it in.

About an hour later, I took this pictures as daylight had arrived.

About an hour later, I took this picture as daylight had arrived.

Which picture do you like better, the pre-dawn or the early daylight?

After admiring the white blanket of snow, I took the 7130 and blew the snow from the lane and from our circle driveway.   I even put some effort into shoveling the sidewalks!  Because there was no wind overnight, there was no drifting of the snow, making it much easier to blow away.  When Ben comes back home this evening, he’ll be able to make it through the cleared path.

Another of my day’s tasks include taking down the Christmas tree.   I was a little tardy getting it put away this year… I normally remove it on December 26.  This year, I waited until after Philip departed to return to Oregon.

There’s a lot to reflect upon this weekend.  The end of 2012 is upon us, and the promise of  the new year.   We found great blessing this year, despite the adversity of the drought.  We are sure next year will be different, but who knows how?  2013 will bring a 35th anniversary for Pat and me, my 60th birthday, Ella’ first birthday, and Ben’s graduation from Purdue.  If Dad were still with us, in July he would turn 100.  We will mark the milestones as they come, and enjoy the adventure of daily life on this farm as it unfolds!

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