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Friday, October 12, 2012

Last night we finished the harvest of the early-planted soybeans.  All that remains to harvest are the double-crop beans (DCB).  We worked the Freddie farm yesterday, and the results there were especially disappointing.  In a small area of the farm that typically drowns out, the yield monitor showed up to 70 bushels per acre (bpa).  But for the great majority of the farm, the yield was often less than the moisture reading.  This is the most severe drought damage I’ve seen this fall.  The field average was 18.0 bpa–definitely a crop insurance claim there!  The quality was diminished also, with up to 16-18% of the grain being shriveled and damaged.  No, they were not pretty in the grain tank of the combine or in the truck.   But, we did harvest all 310 acres, finishing last night about 10 pm.  It took us about 1.5 hours to get everything moved home the 12 miles.  And, this morning, I discovered that we had a small rain during the night… that makes it extra-special that we finished last night.  My preliminary calculations show the entire soybean crop to average about 31 bpa.

I posted a new YouTube video of harvesting these drought-damaged soybeans.  I took the video with my iPhone late in the day Wednesday while cutting beans at Huey.  It is easy to tell that that both the quality and quantity of beans have been harmed.

Larry Corn is working today, running the disk and roller to plant wheat at the Roberson farm.  If all goes well for him, he should complete the 2013 wheat crop planting today.  It has taken a little longer than typical to get the crop in the ground.  The frequent rain delays kept Larry from getting this finished in September.  But the timing is still okay.  I noticed yesterday that the first field Larry planted at Huey has emerged and is looking terrific.  I always like to see the new crop of wheat emerge, and turn the field a beautiful green.  When I see the new wheat, it’s like a promise of good things to come.

Yesterday morning, we had a special guest at the farm.  Des Keller, a writer from Charlotte, NC, was here to visit with us for an upcoming article he is preparing for Progressive Farmer magazine.  He was very pleasant, and genuinely interested in our operation.  He carefully observed as we began the day– making some repairs to one of the headers, and moving from the Huey to the Freddie farm.  He was watching and photographing as we began the day’s harvest.  He stayed all morning and we enjoyed his company.  It was a little weird having pictures snapped, but all in all a neat experience.  And, it’s great to make a new friend.

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