One more round

October 2, 2012
It’s gray and drizzly again today.  Philip says it’s like a winter day in Oregon.  We harvested corn at the Cox farm yesterday.  We were able to finish that place, but the corn was wetter–26 to 28% moisture.  We had to leave the trucks on the road, but it was only mildly inconvenient and slow.  Brad, a technician from JL Farm Equipment, came to work on Ross’ newly-installed automatic steering attachment.  He arrived as the Cox farm (located at the intersection of US 50 and Robinson Road) was being finished, and he asked if Ross could move to another farm in order for him to analyze and repair the steering system.  If Brad had not arrived when he did, we probably would have placed the combines in the shed for the day.   But Ross complied with the request and moved to the Roberson farm.   The misty rain of the morning and midday turned to a steady rain.  Soon, we were driven out of the field by rain, and we did leave some muddy tracks on Indiana Highway 550.

Our dad had an old saying that illustrated his desire to get the most out of every day.  Never to be wimpy or run from unpleasant weather, he always wanted to go ‘one more round’ before stopping, maybe to prove he did all that could possibly be done.  This motto led him (and still us) to often stay a little too long under threatening skies and end the field activity in the rain and mud.  Yesterday, Ross stayed ‘one more round’ and it was a very slippery getting out of the field.

Not sure when we can return to harvesting.  The forecast is not very favorable.

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