Oh, my!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yesterday, we discovered the worst corn field so far…. 59.5 bushels per acre.  And it was one of our biggest fields, the Huey Flat Right, 242 acres.  Going in, I would have expected that the yield would be one of the stronger ones for the year, similar to the Pond farm.  However, that did not hold true, and it turned out to be the worst yield found so far.   It’s hard to figure why this field with its soil types did not produce like they did at the Pond.  The heat was surely the same; could the rainfall have been that different?

I guess the good part was that we got over a lot of acres yesterday!

The soybeans don’t seem to be ripening uniformly.  There are patches in each field that look to be dry and ripe, and there are patches in each field that look green and even have some leaves clinging.  We will find out in a couple days just how they are going to work at harvest.  We will be finished with the non-replanted corn in a day or two.  So we will be ready to try some beans.



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