The Century Mark

Thursday, June 28, 2012

After a very comfortable morning, the thermometer hit 106F this afternoon.  A breeze was blowing, and in the shade, it was not awful.  But in the sun, it was intense.  The crops are showing it.  It’s hard to have a conversation in any region of Indiana, and not have the heat and drought be the topic of conversation.  I’m a little concerned about how folks will use their fireworks next week, and if that will start some kind of area-wide fire.  It’s not quite like Colorado yet, but the lawns and roadsides are brown and any spark would set them off easily.  I’m grateful for air conditioning.

I spent the afternoon with dear friend, Stan Robertson, a former local resident who now lives in Brentwood, California.  Stan reported that our hot and dry days recently are like what he experiences often in northern California.  It was a great visit, and I’m glad Stan called me this morning.  He is traveling through this area, on his way to NYC, to visit his son Michael who lives on the upper west side of Manhattan.

I heard on the local Christian radio station this morning, a call for prayer for the burning areas of Colorado.  I would add to that request the farms of the Corn Belt.


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