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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boy, there are many things happening at Carnahan & Sons today!

First, Jay and Tim from WIN Energy are setting more of the new poles for the main electrical power service to the farm.  They will eventually install new and additional wires to these new long-stemmed beauties, and new transformers will be a part of the project.

John looks on as Tim and Jay set one of the new poles

Second, Jake Gingerich and his crew, Montgomery Welding, are here to begin the assembly of the conveyor system for the top of bins #10 and #10A.  The conveyor is fastened to a skyway platform, so that we can walk alongside the conveyor, to perform inspections and service.  It will allow someone to minimize their climbing to access the tops of those two bins, as well as #1.  There is a curved stairway up the side of #10, and from that, the roofs of #1, #10,  and #10A will be accessible with this new skyway.  John and Philip are assisting Jake.

Jake begins the task of assembling the ‘skyway’ that will support the new conveyor on top of bins #10 and #10A

Jake makes sure the skyway is straight and ready to accept the conveyor.

Lastly, there are two groups of folks here to work on/with the old dryer.  We are pleased that is is finally leaving our premises, freeing up precious space around our grain system and other buildings.  One group is Patrick and Jared from Midwest Ag Systems, the other is a group of five individuals from the Chris Everhard farm, Morristown, Indiana.  Chris is the farmer who bought our old dryer to place on his farm.  So, he and his sons and helpers are here today to assist getting the dryers prepared to move.  I understand they will be pulling them home with them when they leave this afternoon.   They are trying to determine which route to take from here in Knox County to take them to Morristown in Shelby County.  We certainly hope the dryer will serve the Everhard family well.

Guys from Chris Everhard farm, Morristown, Indiana, prepare the old dryer for transport.

Guys from MAS and the Everhard farm get the wheels under the old dryer.  Brandon is assisting them.

Ross explains some the controls of the GSI 2320 to the new owner, Chris Everhard.

It has been an interesting day at Carnahan & Sons!

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