May 3, 2012

After consulting this morning with Troy Clawson, our Monsanto seed rep, I have determined that I will do some replanting of soybeans at the Dunn farm.  It seems that in that particular spot, it was just too cool and wet too long to get a good stand of beans.  The good news is that of the 69.11 acres in that flat field, only 20 to 25 acres need replanting.  When Philip gets done with the disking at the Crook farm (for replanting corn) today, I will direct him to this field and disk up the area that needs re-done.  There is a new movie clip on our YouTube site that shows Philip doing the disking work to prepare for replanting.

Ross is re-planting some corn today at the Downen-big farm, and it is going in beautifully.

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