May 1, 2012

Foggy morning, but the sun is breaking through.  Gonna get warm today, 80+.  The beans are going to love it!

I am going to inspect the ‘stand’ of soybeans at the Dunn farm, flat field.  Last week, the stand seemed thin, so I will check again today to look for improvements.  Hopefully the rain has brought more beans out, and no replanting will be necessary.  More rain  is predicted for this afternoon.

Ross has examined more of the corn, and the damage from the dry weather and NH3 interaction is not improving.  He has determined that he will replant two corn fields, as soon as possible.  Now that it has finally rained, the next planting should be more uniform.  After all, it’s still early!  And it is still possible get a better ‘stand’ of corn on those two fields, the Crook farm and the Downen-Big farm.

Mr. Russel Lashley, an experienced electrician, is here today to connect the electrical service to the new dryer, and to connect the dryer controls into the elevator and drag conveyors that will load and unload this new continuous-flow system.

We learned yesterday of the passing of our dear friend Rick Holland.  He did much of our electrical work for the past many years, and he was the builder of our farm office.  His work was excellent, but he was also a pleasant man to be around.  We will miss Rick.  We send our sympathy to Jane and the family.

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