Thursday the 5th of April….

A little rain during the night, the guage at the office shows .2 this morning.  So, a little break to do other things.  I can get the orange truck stocked up with soybean seed today.  There is office work to do.

Philip took over the soybean planter last evening.  I had great confidence that he would do a good job with it.  He was able to finish planting at the ‘Home’ farm, and since it rained, I am pleased that he did.  This week has been heavy laden with evening meetings for me, both school board and church-related.  Next week, there is only one evening meeting, and then the demand lets up for most of the rest of April.  So, it was great to be able to pass that work to Philip last night.

John has been spraying the ‘burndown’ on the corn acres, and because of his diligence, he has only one field left to go…

Ross worked late into the night, and he finished a really big day planting corn, both the ‘Harry’ farm and the ‘Roberson’ are now completed.  Our neighbor, Sylvan Ice, told me at one of our meetings that he is almost finished planting corn.  He said his dad told him that when the dogwood trees are blooming, it’s time to plant corn.  Well, that’s been happening for a couple weeks now.

It’s a bit cooler today, in the 50s, more in keeping with what you’d expect for this date on the calendar.  Even so, it’s a great spring day!

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