April 4, 2012

Ross got his new corn planter started yesterday, and planted the “Pond” fields.  He is smiling about how it’s working.   I continued planting soybeans, and the conditions were ideal.

Also yesterday, the major parts of the new grain dryer arrived, and the guys from Midwest Ag Sytems, Rockport, Indiana began work to get it installed.  They hope to have it ready by the end of April.  We have called Towerbridge Technologies of Vincennes to cooperate with MAS to get this new dryer connected to the internet.  With that feature, John or Ross will be able to remotely adjust or monitor the dryer’s operation from their smartphones.

Here are the major components of the new grain dryer. These two sections will be 'stacked' in the location where the present dryer is located. We fully expect a great leap in capacity, enough to keep up with our two 12-row combines. The other benefit is an increase in energy efficiency, by approximately 30%.

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