Valentine’s Day

There is snow on the ground this morning.  School was delayed one hour today.  It’s a rare thing this winter to see the snow, so it’s a welcome sight today.   It’s probably the best kind of snow, for it does not hamper our travel.

I’m in the office doing bookkeeping, and working with the paperwork for the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA).  We are re-structuring the way the farm is organized, according to our estate planning.  Those changes require a re-structuring of the way the farm is set up at FSA.  Finally, after several days, I think I have all the forms submitted, and I am waiting for their notification that the main farm is ready for “sign-up” for the 2012 program.

We are also cooperating with the local Natural Resources and Conservation Service (NRCS) to enroll an additional riparian  strip along Roberson ditch at the Dunn farm.   This will establish a grassy strip along the ditch bank, to filter water entering the stream, and to allow us to mow and spray the ditch to control noxious weeds and stream-clogging  woody spouts.   We are also working with them to construct some erosion control systems on the Watjen farm.   Those will include rock chutes, and/or waterways, and perhaps a WASCoB.  We are always trying to improve our soil protection measures and reduce water erosion of our soils.

Recently, we traded a few acres with the Dillon family of farmers.  We had 6-7 acres across the big Roberson ditch, and they had a similar amount on our side of the ditch.  It was practically impossible for either of us to access the acres without trampling through each others farms.  In practical terms we ‘unofficially’ farmed each others’ isolated locations.  Therefore, we agreed to clean up the situation, make it easier to understand, and eliminate the awkward and informal agreement.  We had a surveyor write a legal description for the parcels on each side, and then we traded them.  Now, we both have the contiguous acres on ‘our side’ of Roberson ditch.  It was a pleasant experience, and it will simplify the work for future generations of Carnahans and Dillons.  They are great neighbors, and I could not ask for a more friendly and cooperative exchange.

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