November 14

Today, we continue a series of meetings that will determine our course of action for the 2012 crop season.  We were able last Thursday to finalize a decision about the control and delivery system for the new anhydrous ammonia applicator, a John Deere 2510H.  We settled on the Capstan Nject system.  This morning, we will meet with our DeKalb/Asgrow seed folks, Jeff Jackson and Troy Clawson.  This afternoon the Pioneer dealer, David Flint, will be here.  Next week we will be finalizing the purchase papers on the new sprayer, tractor, and toolbar with Andy Query, our John Deere salesman.

These meetings make me more satisfied with our farm office, a great place for us to sit around the table with others to discuss business matters.  It is comfortable, clean (that’s my biggest problem, keeping the floor clean and the table dust-free) and I believe it makes us look and feel a bit more professional.

There was a tiny rain last night, so I don’t think it will delay the progress of the Shepards at the Waldo and Huey farms.  We will be touching base again with them sometime today between meetings.

It’s warm and windy today.  70F and 35mph.

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